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OVERJAM FESTIVAL  /  14-18.08.2024  /  Tolmin (Slovenia)

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Barney Millah

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Barney Millah

Barney Millah is one of the most well-known German reggae DJs and radio hosts. He is looking back onto an over 20-year-long career. He was a pioneer in bringing reggae and dancehall to Berlin and later to the rest of Germany. He also ran one of Germany’s first sound systems called Concrete Jungle. On top of that, Barney Millah is known for bringing Calypso and Soca into the German dancehalls. He knows how to merge this energetic sound of the anglophone Antilles with the vibrating riddims of Jamaica. Nowadays he enriches this Caribbean mix with modern, urban African styles such as azonto, coupé decalé or koduro, among others. Barney Millah played along many great names of reggae and soca, moderated Germany’s first nationwide broadcasted Reggae radioshow on cable between 1999 and 2001, had gigs in many European countries and played in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Gambia and New York.



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