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OVERJAM FESTIVAL  /  14-18.08.2024  /  Tolmin (Slovenia)

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OverJam is more than just a Festival. It’s a 360-degree experience.
The experience starts upon your arrival in Tolmin, Slovenia. The natural beauty surrounding the fairy-tale venue will leave you at a loss for words. The majestic trees and the crystal clear waters of the river and its tributary will make you feel the location’s unique vibe.

If you want to really live the festival experience 24 hours a day, find the perfect spot for your tent in our camping area (included in your ticket) or book a parking space for your camper. Being close to the action means you won’t miss your favorite artists and activities.
Live music and DJ sets are undoubtedly at the center of the OverJam experience, but there is also so much to do during the day! Take part in the various workshops, attend the OverJam University panels, watch a movie at OverJam Cinema, or shop in the marketplace. If you prefer to relax, you can chill on the beach listening to music or to OverJam Radio where you can stay up to date with the latest festival news.

You can also share the experience also with your kidz, because we have a very special program – just for them.

And of course, enjoy the great concerts and DJ sets in the different musical areas of the festival!

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