If you travel…
…by car: Google Maps – GPS 
…by plane: the nearest airports are Trieste, Venice, Treviso (in Italy) and Lubiana (Slovenia).
…by train: the nearest train stations are Gorizia and Trieste.
From Trieste airport or Gorizia and Trieste train station you can book your private shuttle to get to the festival venue markun-shuttle
If you are looking for someone to share your trip with, check our Facebook event page.

Before organizing your trip to the festival, if you will travel to Slovenia from another country, take a look here to the official informations: 
Please follow this page daily for possible changes.

Conditions for entering the OverJam Festival
RVT condition: Recovered, Vaccinated, Tested (negative).
The test shall not be older than 48 hours. All proof shall be in written form in English. SMS proof is not acceptable. Those that don’t have proof of vaccination or proof of recovery, and would like to stay for the whole event will need to be tested twice. The test is valid for just 48 hours.
IMPORTANT: It’s your own personal responsibility to check if you’re still negative after the first test expires taking a new one.We will have quick Antigen test point close to the main entrance with immediate results provided by a local paramedical team who is responsible for this service. The capacity of the testing point is limited and there could be potential delays with testing and potential queues. The price for the test will be 19€.
*Please note that these are current conditions. We will be fulfilling the conditions as the government will update rules. Please be advised that they can change until the time of the event, so make sure you follow them regularly.