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OVERJAM FESTIVAL  /  16-20.08.2023  /  Tolmin (Slovenia)

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Dear families!

We are more than glad to share with you wonderful news. 

At this OverJam we will offer you an additional program for your kids also in the evening time, so you will be able to go to the concerts and enjoy yourself there, while we will take care of the fun of your kids!

Do you have already a Ticket with Camper?

Reserve your spot on our Family Area for Campers now!

OverJam is getting better and better even for families. We LOVE the family vibe at the festival and that is why we decided to upgrade our program for kids from the age of 4 till 12 to the level that no festival in the world currently offers.
We know how important it is for parents to have some time for themselves, enjoy the venue, spending some quality time alone, all while the kids are having more fun than ever.
That is also why we launched special OverJam4KIDZ tickets

3x per day fully* daycare with professional animators

learning-while-having-fun program

free warm showers

a family area in the camping

special merch discount for families

evening private babysitter option**

a welcome gift

Overjam4Kids program will be offered on festival days at 10:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00 and 19:00-21:00, starting on Aug 15th at 14:00.

Options of private evening babysitting will be available upon prior reservation as well.

After the application to the program, you will be able to bring your kids to the OverJam4KIDZ area at open hours and leave them to the OverJam4KIDZ fun.

* please read our terms carefully – we can not take the responsibility for kids with special needs or for kids younger than 4 years old
** extra charge, upon availability



overjam4kidz kids programme reggae families

10:00-11:00 Building sandcastles, mindfulness & sensory activities

11:00-12:00 Facepainting

14:00-15:00 Creative workshops

15:00-16:00 Facepainting

16:00-17:00 Kids dance, Yoga games & activities

19:00-21:00 Movie / Book Night, Pijama Party, Watching the Stars

Meet the team

Špela, OverJam4KIDZ leader
overjam leader spela petovar overjam4kidzI feel best in the embrace of nature and in good company. I like to practice yoga, which I also teach to children. My biggest passion is offering wellness services for children, families, and adults. My mission is to bring children closer to natural techniques in order to enhance their well-being, develop a positive personality, and introduce them to methods of relaxation. Within the OverJam4Kidz I am in charge of the team and daily program.

Michelle, OverJam4KIDZ animator

michelle overjam4Kidz families activities for kids

I am an artist at heart. I have been working with children since I was in high school. In addition to working as an animator at birthday celebrations, I am also a yoga teacher for children. Apart from the joy of working with children, I can’t imagine life without music, art, and dance. I also enjoy various activities such as yoga, meditation, running, hiking, swimming, drawing, and photography.

Every year we dedicate a special team of 5 extra volunteers that are experienced and eager to work with kids to help and keep an eye on the group.

Please apply your kids to the OverJam4KIDZ program via the form below.

families family festival summer kids overjam

OverJam4Kidz Application

Note: We can accept max. 30 kids at one time, so it’s very important that you apply. However, application is not the ticket. It’s only reservation for the spot in the program. You have to buy tickets separately to get to the festival area). For more information please check FAQ or write to our email: kidz@overjamfestival.com



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