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OVERJAM FESTIVAL  /  15-20.08.2022  /  Tolmin (Slovenia)

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Rent a Tent

Let's get you a tent!

The best way to experience the festival is to live it 24h!

To make it easier, we offer a new service: rent-a-tent!

The tents are for 2 people and cost 15€/day + 25€ for the deposit. If you return it undamaged and clean, you will get back the deposit and a proportional amount according to the number of renting days.

Otherwise, you will pay 100€.

Are you worried about feeling cold at the night? Rent a tent + sleeping bag + sleeping pads! The full package costs 180€ and it’s suitable for 2 persons.

Please note: Rent-a-tent service is available upon prior reservation only!

You can choose between these two options:

rent a tent 100e
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